Animal Therapy as Part of Addiction Treatment

Treatments for addiction come in many different varieties. There are addiction treatment options for Christians, Buddhists, holistic people, famous people, nature people, city people and many other basic varieties of personalities and professions. Different types of treatment facilities feature different methods of treating addiction, featuring some direct work on mental health through established psychology, some […]

How Love for Animals Helps People

People are very relationship oriented. We need closeness with one another and closeness with fellow creatures in order to feel good. Animals and people have an interesting relationship with one another. Because animals lack the cognitive and linguistic abilities that people possess, but still have emotional and relational capabilities, humans form a unique kind of […]

Caring for Animals to End Addiction and Mental Disorders

For those who struggle with addiction and mental disorders, one piece of advice from mental health professionals is to own a pet, preferably a pet that is intelligent enough to be capable of affection. Love for a pet can be comparably strong to love for another person, and can fill a void for people who […]