Love for Animals

Having a love for animals is an innately human quality. Throughout history, humanity has had a relationship with animals, despite the separation of being different species. We have observed that it is not uncommon for interspecies friendships to form in the animal kingdom, and humans are no exception. Humans have a long history of keeping animals as pets and companions. Studies have revealed that keeping an animal as a companion can have numerous health benefits for people, including reduced blood pressure, lowered anxiety and longevity. For this reason, having a pet has become a medical and mental health recommendation to those who are struggling in these areas.

There are a number of reasons that animals are therapeutic to people. One of them is loyalty. There is no more loyal friend than an animal who is treated well. Some species are more loyal than others. Dogs, who have been aptly called “man’s best friend,” are often thought of as the most loyal kind of pet to own.

Animals are also very loving to their care-providers when they are treated well. To a pet, their owner is their entire world. They look to their owner for care, provision, protection and affection, and in return, they give their owner unconditional love. Some animals are even known to stay with their owners after they die. If their owner is not discovered, they lie down and die right next to them.

Animals are very entertaining creatures to spend time with. Most animals have an instinct to play, and interacting with them while they are playing can bring people immense joy and reward. People actually release more endorphins when they own an animal, which gives them a sense of purpose and a reason for living. All around, having an animal in your life, offers the opportunity for joy and companionship, which can help people recover from conditions like depression and anxiety. In some cases, a relationship with an animal has even proven to minimize physical disease symptoms.

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